General Electrical


General Electrical

The frustration you feel every time you see your dysfunctional kitchen, 80's style bathroom, or old yellowing power points and switches is understood at Zero. Your home is the only true piece of freedom you have on this earth and when it doesn't feel like your own it can leave you feeling trapped and utterly deflated.

It doesn't have to be this way...
Your home could and should look as beautiful as you imagine it in your dreams.

Zero Electrical isn't about hard and fast approaches to getting the job done. We are about quality, communication, and pride. We believe that a job done properly not only saves headaches in the long run, but also saves headaches in the short term through the trust we build during the building process with our communication, reliability, and expertise. You won't be questioning your choice in Zero Electrical to work in your family home, but will be asking yourself why you hadn't done it sooner.

Don't risk tainting your home with bad memories.
We guarantee that the experience of renovations and upgrades will be as satisfying as the end product itself.

We provide the following General Electrical Services

  • Power Points
  • Lighting / Switches
  • Appliances
  • Renovations & re-wires
  • New circuits
  • Circuit protection & Switchboard upgrades
  • Shop fit-outs / commercial
  • All electrical repairs

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Labour Warranties

5 year complete workmanship guarantee

There is ZERO reason that your home should be anything less than perfect... and stay that way.

All of our labour work at Zero Electrical is backed by a 5 year Guarantee.
It’s simple really, if something is faulty due to our negligence, we will repair it free of charge within this period.
However we pride ourselves on providing a world class service and expect all our work to last a lifetime.

We are also covered by $20 million of public liability insurance for your added peace of mind.

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Product Warranties

Brands we trust

Voltex Logo
Clipsal Logo

We have a vested interest in ensuring your home lasts the test of time.
If it doesn't last, we pay and you suffer. That isn't fun for anyone.

To prevent any issues from ever arising we only use the very best products at our disposal.

We use Voltex products as our bread and butter. Established in Australia in 2001, it is completely Australian Owned and Operated out of Adelaide. Voltex provide a service and products like no other. Offering 25 year 'lifetime' replacement warranties on all power points, switches, select accessories, and circuit protection gear and 7 year replacement warranties on all other products including smoke alarms, downlights, sensors, and flood lights. We trust Voltex above all others
and use their products where ever possible.

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We also trust Clipsal products to provide our customers with the highest quality products available. Clipsal provide extensive warranties on most of their products and are always forwarded to the customer where applicable. Clipsal have been trusted by electricians for over 100 years and we continue to trust them today.